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The idea: We, i.e. automotive student Bernard and initiator Ingolf, drove out purely electrically from Berlin to the UN climate change conference to Marrakech. Together with climate ambassadors, E-drivers and supporters from Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland and Morocco, we wanted to actively put a stand against global warming.

african race

Achieved targets: Success of the WAVE climate card action, initial spark for an E-charging network in Morocco, inspired strategy for Tesla Club Morocco, Destinatination charger for participating hotels, supports solar race challange, comming soon next year RIVE Marok (Rencontre International of Véhicules électriques au Maroc).

video "electric drive to Marrakesh" - 1 minute

video "city of Marrakech" - 2 minutes

Aktion:  wave-earth  Also we had thousands environmental pledge by students from all over Europe in the luggage. We have successfully set up the big card mosaic at the UN World Climate Change Conference, together with the the electric car race of FIA formula E in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

"official video of the WAVE EARTH - 3 minutes"

Two GUINNESS world records broken: the largest greeting card mosaic with exactly 699 m2 and for the greeting card with the most contrubutions, we have received 50581. This was a powerful message from more than 50581 students & pupils from all over the world, that they are ready to do something to reduce their CO2 emissions.

video "Wave Earth" - 1 minute

For us it's important to educate children in the world about global warming. As global emmissions are still too high, and the world leaders at the World Climate Change Conference are not taking enough action, we believe that we must not change the minds of people and education is the most powerful weapon.

COP22 - - Formula E

We decided to lay out these cards again and make the next mosaic even bigger. This is going to happen at the next UN World Climate Change Conference. Many thanks to all 50'581 students who did not only write a card, but also commited to reduce their CO2 emissions. These students understand that they have to act and do something for their future. So the world leaders should also take steps to stop global warming.

More event’s: Joint PR action with the formula E => 360 degree video, an electric tour around the city, Cocktail party at the Mövenpick Hotel, as well as press and TV interviews. Viewed formula-E racing. Many interesting contacts and suggestions found.

video "Formula E" - 2 minutes

Solar Race Challange: With a very professionally organised solar range challange, the Institute IRESEN in Benguerir makes pioneering work. Bravo IRESEN, this was a great event. C’était un merveilleux solar race challange.


video "Green Energy Park" - 3 minutes

We have supported the organizers with support across the range of Marrakech to Benguerier, Badr Ikken (Direkteur General) and exchanged experiences to its employees, made many test trials. Could broadly explain the possibilities of E-mobility and introduce a Twike, two Tesla model S and a Nissan leaf from Portugal to local politicians.

video "Moroccan Solar Race" - 2 minutes

Very interesting also the solar vehicle by with fold-out solar panels (per day up to 8 kWh) and built-in cooling fans. What also impressed me was the large number of solar vehicles and the pioneering spirit of the participating teams, as well as the conceptual timeline for establishing more projects.

Au revoir Marrakech: The old town called Medina at night was wonderful. This Green Tesla back in Europe to spread the word that the road is and will be even better paved electric terminals, paving the way for a new dimension of tourism in electric vehicle. It was very easy to go over 9000 km with the model S to Africa.

video "from Tanger to Berlin" - 1,5 minutes

Thousand thanks to: Louis Palmer, Silvia Brutschin, Rafael de Mestre, Khalil Amar, Pedro Faria, Badr Ikken, Zakaria Naimi, Katwar Ben, Mohamed Bouhamidi as well as Margot and Jack from FIA Formula E.


watch the official video of the tour - 13 minutes

The international meeting of electric vehicles in Marrakech contains a migration from Europe to Tangier. More information on Rive Maroc.

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